“The talks at the beginning and everyone’s help made it a very warm, safe learning environment. I’m so happy this event exists!”
— Feet Wet Workshop Participant

Ohio LinuxFest

At Ohio LinuxFest 2017 we offered our first workshop- "Get Your Feet Wet in Open Source." Lauren Kinsey is the founder of "Feet Wet" and served as the Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for Ohio LinuxFest (OLF) 2017. She created the daylong workshop to help diverse people have a friendly introduction to the world of open source.

If you would like to have a "Get Your Feet Wet in Open Source" workshop at your event, school, or company, contact Lauren.


We asked participants to fill out anonymous feedback forms at the end of the workshop. They wrote...

"This workshop gave me the confidence and resources to continue learning on a path that has felt pretty overwhelming and over my head at times, and I'm super grateful to have been able to have that experience."

"My child has autism, so it was great to see him in an environment where he felt safe to open up and engage."

"The talks at the beginning and everyone's help made it a very warm, safe learning environment. I'm so happy this event exists!"

"I learned a lot about how to start as a beginner. I loved the various types of mentors and projects."

"When I looked around the room I saw so much more racial and gender diversity than I normally see at tech events. I felt like I belonged."

"I had a great time! I thought the mentors were great and it was hard to choose which one to work with."

"Props for explaining & promoting awareness of gender pronoun variations!"

"The workshop was amazing and the concept of being open to people from diverse backgrounds is what made me travel from Pittsburgh to attend the event."


Photos from the "Get Your Feet Wet in Open Source Workshop"