Inclusive Learning 

“This workshop gave me the confidence and resources to continue learning on a path that has felt pretty overwhelming and over my head at times, and I’m super grateful to have been able to have that experience.”
— Feet Wet Workshop Participant

The way we approach learning at "Feet Wet" is truly unique. 

The technique we call "Inclusive Learning" is based on nine foundational principles. 

- Group intelligence matters more than individual intelligence.  

- If all of us didn’t learn it, then none of us learned it. 

- Stress hinders learning. 

- Emotional connection matters more than information sharing. 

- People learn different things in different ways. 

- The receiver contributes by receiving. 

- Learning isn’t complete when the person is able to complete the task. 

- The student is the guide.

- When your task is complete you become a temporary teacher. 

(Each of these principles will link to blog posts that explain each concept. Coming soon.)